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Download Shawn Skinner’s live set: “Skinned Alive At The Last Exit.”

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R.I.P. Lou Reed.

  • Read as Kim Gordon reflects that Reed was: “rock’s first great anti-hero.”
  • Read the infamous Lou Reed and Lester Bangs interview.
  • Read Aquarium Drunkard‘s piece: “Lou Reed :: Between Thought And Expression.”
  • Read as Patti Smith calls Reed “A Very Special Poet.”
  • Browse Stereogum’s list of “20 Great Lou Reed Moments.”
  • Browse Spin’s list of 5 great rap songs that sampled Lou Reed songs.
  • Browse Spin’s picks for essential Reed listening.
  • Browse Rolling Stone’s picks for 20 essential Reed songs.
  • Read as The Atlantic argues: “Lou Reed Made Generation X.”

Read Paste’s report: “Fleetwood Mac’s John McVie Diagnosed With Cancer.”

Read about The Who‘s “last big tour” in 2015.

See some amazing unseen photos of the Rolling Stones discovered at a flea market.

Browse as Huffington Post makes their picks for the best graphic novels 0f 2013.

Browse this list of the 20 Best fashion moments in Dr. Who.

Read as Slate wonders if reading makes you a better person.

Browse this list of “7 Things You Might Not Know About Calvin and Hobbes.”

Read about recent research that tracks your relationships via Facebook.

Read about the “Perfume-Free Church”. What about incense?

Browse this list of “10 of the Weirdest Beers Ever Brewed.”

Read Time’s report that: “Britney Spears Songs Are Being Used to Scare Away Somali Pirates.”

Are rabbits really as prolific as everybody says?

Browse Large Hearted Boy’s collection of cover song mixes.

Browse this list of 20 songs you might not  have known were covers.

Have you ever wondered about the origin of the word “dude”?

Browse IFC’s list of 15 movies with crazy cult followings.

Just in case: here’s an illustrated guide to breaking down a door.

Browse this list of “9 Books to Drop Everything and Read.”

Read as Jon Acuff suggests: “How to be a better public speaker instantly.”

Read/watch as Mike Rowe exposes the folly of college and the glory of hard work.

What if Wes Anderson made a horror movie?

Read as Paste wonders why Yusuf Islam was nominated to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as Cat Stevens.

Read No Depression‘s report that the Gourds have announced a hiatus.

Read/watch as a pianist is forced to quickly recover after the orchestra plays the “wrong” concerto.

R.I.P. the Jonas Brothers.

Browse Paste’s list of “The 10 Best Issues of Neil Gaiman‘s Sandman” series.

Download “Instruments of Mercy” from Beautiful Eulogy.

Watch Tom Waits‘ first concert in five years.

Read Paste’s report: “Banksy Calls One World Trade Center a “Betrayal.”

Make something up as The Guardian asks: “What’s the worst excuse you’ve ever made?”

Read as “Relevant” reminds us that just because something is labeled “Christian” doesn’t mean it’s any good.

Watch Rob Bell talk with Oprah Winfrey about God.

Watch the Scorpions rock you like a hurricane.

Why is everyone making a giraffe their Facebook profile picture?

Here‘s an Arcade Fire review I can get behind.

Read about DC Comics moving from NYC to CA.

Read Brooklyn Vegan’s interview with My Bloody Valentine‘s Kevin Shields.

Browse an infographic of Morrissey‘s lyrical themes.

Read a history of candy corn.

Read as Time warns: “Facebook Knows When You’re Going to Get Dumped.”

Read as The Atlantic” urges: “Study Theology, Even If You Don’t Believe in God.”

Read about James Blake‘s Overgrown winning the 2013 Mercury Prize.

Read about the science teacher who is in hot water for giving his students extra credit for visiting a brewery.

Read about the black woman who recalls the day she protected alleged Ku Klux Klan member from angry mob.”

Read The Atlantic’s piece: “When Cameras Took Pictures of Ghosts.”

Read NPR’s profile of Lonnie Holley.

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